Global Freezing in Antarctic Brings 10 Feet Thick Ice

Global Freezing Global freezing in the Antarctic is so cold that it is even affecting icebreakers. An Australian icebreaker headed to help a Russian vessel get unstuck turned back itself so it wouldn’t get stuck. The Russian ship stuck in … Continue reading

New World Record Cold Temperature Set in Antarctic

World Record A new world record has been set for cold temperature in the Antarctic. It was satellite measured by NASA with data from August 2010. The East Antarctica reading was -135.8 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, -93.2 degrees below zero … Continue reading

Global Freezing Hits Jerusalem/Middle East

Global Freezing Global freezing came to the Middle East including Jerusalem in a big way. The resulting snowstorm was rare because it reached into the southern regions of the Middle East. Thousands of homes and businesses lost power and many … Continue reading

Winter Storm Dion Destruction

Winter Storm Dion Winter Storm Dion came right on the heels of Winter Storm Cleon. Even Motorola was not immune to the affects of Dion. Motorola’s fulfillment center in Fort Worth, Texas came to a snales pace on its shipments. … Continue reading

Winter Storm Cleon Sends Ice, Sleet, Snow, Rain West Coast to East Coast

Winter Storm Cleon Winter Storm Cleon spread its global freezing antics across more than thirty states. Ice, sleet, snow and rain caused death, destruction and havoc. From the West Coast to the East Coast treacherous conditions were the norm. Even … Continue reading