Snow Totals For Winter Storm Janus

Snow Totals Snow totals for Winter Storm Janus were significant. The snow came with cold winds, freezing temperatures and dangerous ice conditions. From the Rocky Mountains to the east coast, to the north and south the winter storm was widespread … Continue reading

Nuclear Powered Ice Breakers Destroy Global Warming

Ice Breakers Nuclear Powered Icebreakers began service in 1959. The first called the NS Lenin, had two nuclear acccidents and retired from service in 1989. Nuclear powered vessels are used for scientific research, tourism and ice breaking. The December 2014 … Continue reading

Record Cold With Ion Arctic Blast

Record Cold Record cold temperatures by the “Ion Arctic Blast” extended from the north to usually hot Florida. Winter Storm Ion was dangerous with its frigid winds, freezing temperatures and drifting snow. The storm is being blamed for at least … Continue reading

WARNING: Winter Storm Ion Brings Danger, Freezing Arctic Blast

Winter Storm Ion Winter Storm Ion has hit America with a dangerous freezing Arctic Blast. An amazing 32 of the lower 48 states have been under either a Winter Storm Advisory or Winter Storm Warning. The approximate 1200 mile long … Continue reading

Winter Storm Hercules Strong Winds Bring In 2014 New Year

Winter Storm Hercules Winter Storm Hercules brought a blast of strong freezing winds to start the 2014 New Year. It has been an unwelcome surprise to many. Over 100 million people have been under either a Winter Storm Advisory, Watch … Continue reading