Global Freezing

GlobalFreezing.com is about global freezing and leveling the playing field concerning global warming and climate change. Climate does change naturally because that’s what it is suppose to do. Temperature changes are cyclical with mankind having very little to do with it. It is easy to proclaim something by only looking at one side of the story – just like in life.

On this site you will find the highest and lowest ever recorded temperatures for over 100 countries and every state in the U.S.A. Some countries only have either the highest OR lowest recorded temperatures, but not both. In most cases they still make our list. A fun activity is to guess certain states and/or countries highest and lowest temperatures to see who comes closest. The listings will surprise you.

A surprising fact to many is that the state of Alaska has a higher temperature record than the state of Hawaii!

GlobalFreezing.com includes interesting, informative and sometimes funny videos on temperature and weather conditions. Our ABOUT, 2014 WINTER OLYMPICS, ICE, TIMELAPSE and TOP 10 COLDEST page titles are purposely in CAPS to be more recognizable because of its subject matter. Just remember, any page title that is not a country title page is in CAPS.

These CAPS TITLE PAGES have some of Global Freezing’s most interesting information and enjoyable, quality videos. It is highly advisable to look at some of them – you won’t be sorry.

It is true that there have been more record breaking hot temperatures than cold ones in the last few years. But, global freezing also takes into account the fact that Russia just had its coldest winter in over 70 years causing many deaths. Also, the Ukraine had over 200 deaths from freezing conditions in the last few months.

Asia and Europe

Much of Asia and Europe was in a State of Emergency because the blizzards were so dangerous. The Asian and European nations that had these horrendoes conditions comprise almost one half of the earth’s land surface.

If you are a climate change slash global warming advocate or believe what the media tells you then you believe polar bears are going instinct. The fact is polar bears are growing in numbers. For centuries we didn’t have cameras and other tracking devices to ascertain the plight of the polar bear. So, mankind couldn’t see them falling off icebergs drowning in the ocean. I love animals and nature but let’s not be gullible.

Finally, there is a fractional amount of global warming that is so miniscule it is not worth pouring billions of dollars into preventing it – thereby endangering economies of the world.

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