Arctic Ice Cap Expands as Scientists Predict Global Cooling

Arctic Ice Cap

The Arctic Ice Cap has expanded an astounding 60% causing scientists to predict a global cooling trend. Some climate scientists are actually expecting the global cooling trend to last to the middle of this century.


In an amazing turn of events the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change) is agreeing with the global cooling trend. Global warming was the brain child of the IPCC which in turn helped create climate change non-sense. Some scientists are even predicting a little Ice Age or global freezing conditions for several years.

Financially supporting Governments of the IPCC are demanding some one thousand five hundred changes be made to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change. In specific, the fifteen hundred changes are to the reports summary for “policy makers.” Many climate change activists and doomsdayers did not want the demands of the backing Governments released. The leaked information is causing havoc in the global warming community.


In 2007 the BBC predicted there would be no ice in the Arctic by the summer of 2013. This in turn caused climate change and global warming doomsdayers to predict some or all of the world would flood because of the ice melt. Now with the Arctic Ice Caps actually growing climate change enthusiasts are caught with snow in their face. Yes snow – not mud.

Excellent reporting by climate scientists who actuate the facts and websites like Watts Up With That will keep us all informed.

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