Boston Sets 5 Snowfall Records

The National Weather Servive has reported Boston broke their 30 day snowfall record set in 1978. The old record was 58.8 inches and the new record is 61.6 inches culminating on Monday morning February 9th.

With this new record set in only 16 days and another major snowstorm expected Tuesday more snowfall records could be coming. The 40 day snowfall record set way back in 1945 has also just been broken with a new record of 72.8 inches.

Boston just set a 7 day snowfall record last Monday February 2nd of 34.2 inches. The old 7 day record was 31.2 inches set in 1996. How many more snowfall records can Boston handle? Well, here are the 5 new snowfall records so far.

  • 40 Day – 72.8″
  • 30 Day – 72.6″
  • 20 Day – 71.8″
  • 14 Day – 64.4″
  •   7 Day – 40.5″

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said “Boston has seen an unprecedented amount of snow in the past 3 weeks and I’m asking residents to remain vigilant during this snow event.”

Mayor Walsh is correct with Boston’s normal snowfall season seeing 43.9 inches of snow and the current season nearly 80 inches. The latest snow accumulation is from Winter Storm Marcus, the fourth in a row including Winter Storm Juno on January 27th which started the domino affect.

Snow piles ten to twenty feet high along with snow drifts have created the need for the city to use its five snow farms. The farms employ industrial snow melters for the tens of thousands of tons of snow that are transported into the farms.

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