Boulder County Farmers Market Not Getting A Bear Hug From Storm Yogi

Boulder County Farmers Market

Winter Storm Yogi has now affected produce growth like what is showcased at the Boulder County Farmers Market. The market will still be a success but Storm Yogi has hampered some areas of early vegetable harvesting as seen in this video.

The video gives a unique look at how a late snowstorm with below freezing temperatures can result in low yields. Actually there were back to back to back late snowstorms. Yes, three snowstorms in the spring and one of them just twelve days before May. Winter Storm Walda, Xerxes and Yogi brought so much snow and so many freezing temperatures in mid April defying the logic of climate change or global warming. And – in a very widespread area covering about 2000 miles and several states.

Global freezing temperatures in much of Europe and Asia with a prolonged agonizing winter recently also leaves global warming in the dust.

Denver, Colorado

had a record low for the day of April 9th of 9 degrees. Then on April 10th Denver had a record low for that day of 6 degrees. Storm Yogi gave Denver 9.1 inches of snow with Estes Park, Colorado getting 27 inches from Yogi. Just a few other Winter Storm Yogi snow totals:

  • Ironwood, Michigan – 16 inches
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota – 7.2 inches
  • North of Grand Marais, Minnesota – 24 inches
  • Harrison, Nebraska – 16 inches
  • Hot Springs, South Dakota – 8.8 inches
  • Gile, Wisconsin – 23 inches
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming – 17.9 inches
  • South of Douglas, Wyoming – reported 39 inches

Storm Yogi

was also the latest of the winter storms well into the middle of April not winding down until April 19th. Additionally, hundreds of cities had temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below average temperatures for this time of year. For extended periods of time meaning it was no fluke.

Climate change and doomsday global warmers have a hard time dealing with these facts. Look for them to say global warming caused it to be too cold and to snow a lot. Yea, right. Tell that to some of the growers like those at the Boulder County Farmers Market.

Better yet, just look at the video again and let what is happening sink in. Cyclical Weather Patterns.

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