Farmers Almanac Predicts Freezing, Snowy Winter

Here we go again. The Farmers Almanac has come out with their annual winter forcast saying, “The Winter of 2015/2016 would have unseasonably cold conditions with more snow than normal.” The Almanac went on to say that New Englanders would once again experience a very frigid winter. Also, the freezing and snowy conditions will hit many Eastern and Midwestern states and reach into parts of the South.

Early snow is expected for the East and some of the Pacific Northwest. The Almanac uses 3 scientific disciplines to make their long-range predictions according to their own website. They are:

  • Solar Science – The study of sunspots and solar activity.
  • Climatology – The study of prevailing weather patterns.
  • Meteorology – The study of the atmosphere.

Farmer Almanac editor Janice Stillman backs up the Almanacs claim of a 96.3% accuracy for its 2015 prediction of a cold, snowy winter. Many weather experts including Meteorologists strongly disagree with The Farmers Almanac claim. What say you?

Global Freezing believes the claims are exagerrated but that the Almanacs 3 prediction methods make a lot of sense. Since 1818 The Farmers Almanac has published its periodical.

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