Major Snowstorm To Hit Northeast

Winter Storm Juno is expected to slam the North Eastern United States with a snowstorm Monday and Tuesday. A “Blizzard Watch” is already in effect for Providence, Rhode Island, Boston, New York City and parts of New Jersey. Portland, Maine and Hartford, Cconnecticut could see up to two feet of snow along with New York.

Other major cities in potential danger of this large winter storm system include Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Washington D.C. and Columbus, Ohio. Even though some areas will see less snow the typical ice, sleet and low visibility makes driving conditions risky and sometimes impossible. Watch your local weather report for up to date reports that at the least could save a big headache or much worse.

Global Freezing will post some results of this big winter snowstorm which will also hit Vermont and New Hampshire. Winter Storm Juno should also reach sections of Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.

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