May 2013 Keeps Snow and Global Freezing Coming

Snow and Global Freezing

Snow and global freezing weather is still here in the 2nd week of May. When one, then two, then three, then four snowstorms came in April I thought it would be great for Global Freezing. Now with less than three weeks left until June there is still snow and cold weather conditions.

Michigan-Indiana-North Carolina

The Upper Penninsula of Michigan and even some other areas like Traverse City are experiencing snow and cold temperatures unusual for even a northern state at this time of year. Over 40 mph wind gust in the U.P. in May. An Indiana farmer stated that the frost and freezing was worse than drought on farmers now. You can water when it doesn’t rain to a certain extent but it’s hard to deal with a freeze.

Sections of New York state and as far south as Ashville, North Carolina have weather forecasters warning of frost or freeze. The Weather Channel actually called it a “Rare May Cold Snap.”


I love the attitude of the man in the YouTube video. People complain about the weather in Tennessee where it is almost perfect. Like he said, if you chose where you live don’t complain. I’ll add if you have a choice to move but choose to stay where your at then don’t complain.

You just would have to live in a cold weather state to really appreciate a short winter and then pleasant to hot weather the entire rest of the year. Almost nobody wants global freezing the whole year.

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