Winter Storm Orion Mountains of Snow & Ice

Winter Storm Orion

Yet another winter storm has plummeted several states with snow and ice. The Weather Channel named this one Winter Storm Orion. The mountain states received heavy snow totals in their high elavation areas. Many of the snow accumulations were from areas in the general proximity of the listed cities or mountains.


  • Donner Summit – 21″
  • Homewood Ski Area – 17″
  • Squaw Valley Ski Area – 16″
  • Mammoth Mountain – 9″

California also got some huge amounts of much needed rain from Winter Storm Orion. The drought has devastated many farmers.


  • Camp Sherman – 22″
  • Bend – 19″
  • The Dalles – 10″
  • St. Helens – 10″


  • Bickelten – 13″
  • Goldendale – 13″
  • Naches – 13″
  • Lyle – 10″


  • Preston – 25.2″
  • Idaho Falls – 9.2″


  • Indian Creek SNOTEL – 36″
  • Commissary Ridge – 30″
  • Alpine – 21″
  • Bondurant – 21″
  • Cookeville – 17″


  • Brighton Crest – 34″
  • Powder Mountain – 29″
  • Provo Canjon – 23″
  • Alta – 18″
  • Hyde Park – 14.5″


  • Monarch Mountain Ski Area – 32″
  • Crested Butte – 22.5″
  • Gothic – 22.5″

These tremendous snow amounts only tell part of the story. Ice storms, sleet and freezing temperatures caused havoc across many other states as well. Arkansas has had its fair share of winter weather. Miles of ice filled roads have caused accidents and death in what is a harsh, cold winter.

Why? Well, here is another website that is chalk full of information about what real climate change is all about.

Winter Storm Nika Amazing Snowstorm Tally

Winter Storm Nika

Winter Storm Nika come right on the back of Winter Storm Maximus. The difference has been the tremendous reach of Nika. Even in Punxsutawney Phil’s neck of the woods the famous groundhog city of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania received 9″ of snow.

There were many big snow days but just to mention a few amazing totals:

  • Topeka, Kansas – 12.9″ on February 4th which was Topeka’s 3rd highest snow total for one day on record. Winter Storm Nika ended up dropping 13.2″ of the white stuff.
  • Enterprise, Kansas – 13″
  • Overland Park, Kansas – 11.9″
  • Cool Bank Pass, Colorado – 15″
  • Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado – 12″
  • Black Bear SNOTEL in Idaho – 11.7″
  • Madison Plateau SNOTEL in Montana – 11.6″
  • Grassy Lake SNOTEL in Wyoming – 13.1″
  • Cloudcraft, New Mexico – 9″
  • Several miles from Woodward Gage, Oklahoma – 8″
  • Lamoni, Iowa – 8″
  • Kenosha, Wisconsin – 7″

Michigan has been hammered with snow for several weeks in a row. On top of other snowstorms Detroit had one of their biggest for the day of February 5th which was 7.8″ of snow. Then on February 7th Detroit got 11″ more. Let’s get back to some other amazing snow totals:

  • Quincy, Illinois – 10″
  • Pana, Illinois – 9.6″
  • Warsaw, Indiana – 12″
  • Indianapolis area – 8.5″
  • Hannibal, Missouiri – 13″
  • Weston, Missouri – 12″
  • Kansas City, Missouri – 9.2″
  • Columbus, Ohio – 10.7″
  • Greenville, Ohio – 10″
  • Coldwater, Ohio – 9″
  • Sayre, Pennsylvania – 12″
  • Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania – 12″
  • Troy, Pennsylvania – 12″
  • Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania – 9″
  • Weatogue, Connecticut – 11″
  • Storrs, Connecticut – 10″
  • New Milford, Connecticut – 10″
  • Friendship, Maryland – 10″

Climate again has changed – it is winter – something that comes every single year. Here’s some more huge totals in the eastern part of the United States.


  • Douglas Ludlow, Massachusetts – 12.5″
  • South Hudley, Massachusetts – 12.5″
  • Warren, Massachusetts – 12″
  • West Springfield, Massachusetts – 12″
  • Worcester, Massachusetts – 10.7″
  • Boston, Massachusetts – 10.6″

New Hampshire

  • New Ipswich, New Hampshire – 12.3″
  • Merrimack, New Hampshire – 11.2″
  • Peterborough, New Hampshire – 10.5″
  • South Hudson, New Hampshire – 10.4″
  • Nashua, New Hampshire – 9″
  • Londonderry, New Hampshire – 8.8″

New Jersey

  • Montague, New Jersey – 11.4″
  • Wantage, New Jersey – 11″

>New York

  • Mayfield, New York – 14″
  • Hudley, New York – 14″
  • Oswego, New York – 13.8″
  • Newburgh, New York – 12.5″
  • Johnson City, New York – 12″
  • Chemung, New York – 12″

Rhode Island

  • Burrillville, Rhode Island – 9″


  • Turnbridge, Vermont – 12″
  • Woodford, Vermont – 11″
  • Corinth, Vermont – 11″

Global Freezing can not forget the farthest most eastern state of Maine where Hollis got 8.9″. All the way on the western side of the continental United States Corvalis and Wheeler, Oregon had 9″ of snow courtesy of Winter Storm Nika. Al Gore should note that even Gore, Virginia received 4″ of snow.

Besides all the snow totals were many below freezing dangerous temperatures. Blistering cold winds were up to 40 degrees below zero. Do I see some global warmers changing their mind? Oh, and now there’s another winter storm called Winter Storm Orion if you weren’t convinced by Winter Storm Nika.

No matter what the freezing temps, ice, fierce winds or snow or ice totals some people just have their head buried in the sand – or should I say snow.

Punxsutawney Phil Saw His Shadow

Punxsutawney Phil

The groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Sunday, February 2nd at 7:28 in the morning. Facebook fans posted the news as well as other social media sites like Twitter. The 6 more weeks of bad weather predicted by Punxsutawney Phil was not welcome by many tired of a harsh, cold winter.

Winter Storm Maximus

Winter Storm Maximus was coming to an end about the time of the Super Bowl. Punxsutawney Phil can be proud of his prediction because Maximus brought much needed rain to a drought stricken California. After that Maximus moved eastward and delivered snow accumulations up to a foot. Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey were hit hard along with other eastern states.

Winter Storm Nika

Right on the heels of Winter Storm Maximus comes Winter Storm Nika. Nika is already causing havoc with ice, snow, sleet and freezing temperatures. My sister Laurie in Michigan said January was the snowiest month on record. She also said this winter was the coldest and that the ground has not been visible without snow for a long time.

Many global warmers are turning to global freezing when hearing the widespread affects of the cold weather. No, it is not just a northern or eastern winter event. Most of the south has been slammed with unusually frigid temperatures. Arkansas has just announced an “Ice Storm Warning” is in affect. Along with Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina – yes virtually every southern state has had multiple winter storms.

And now The Weather Channel has reported “Winter Storm Orion” is in the making and will bring more freezing temps after “Winter Storm Nika.” The winter storms seen to have no end. Punxsutawney Phil was right. The climate change/global warming crowd need some lessons from the groundhog.

Ice Storms, Non Salted-Sanded Roads Create Chaos

Ice Storms

Ice storms are so prevalent they are putting a freeze on climate change. Atlanta has been frozen stiff with treacherous ice halting traffic for hours and hours. A long cold winter has been on a terror with below zero temperatures in Northern, Southern, Eastern and many Western states of the U.S.A.


Atlanta, Georgia had below freezing temperatures for several days. The Governor of Georgia and Mayor of Atlanta are receiving criticism for not acting prudently to the ice storm and other winter storm advisories. Major freeways and other roads were not salted or sanded down which created chaos.

States of Emergency

States of Emergency were called for the south in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. Ice storms, snow, sleet and fierce winds were the cause of hundreds of school and business closings. Also, power outages in the deep south are causing Americans to laugh at climate change and its counterpart – global warming.

This winter storm spread to southern Texas and Florida bringing a rare snow scene not witnessed in years to many. Ice on roads in Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama caused accidents and thousands to be stranded. Even Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was hit with a covering of snow that blanketed the beaches. Jena, Louisiana was hit with a rarely seen 4″ of snow. So cold and so rare that many never experienced the event in their lifetime.

Out west Provo, Utah had 21″ of snow and Michigan was hit all over the state with record snow totals. Just a few of the low temperatures on only some days proving again that climate does change – it gets cold.

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 16 degrees below zero
  • International Falls, Minnesota – 6 degrees below zero
  • Cincinatti, Ohio – 4 degrees below zero
  • Chicago, Illinois – 3 degrees below zero
  • Detroit, Michigan – 1 degree below zero
  • Indianapolis, Indiana – 1 degree below zero

These are only examples as hundreds of cities had freezing cold temps. Windchills of minus 38 in Duluth and minus 35 in International Falls were felt. Even Chicago had at least minus 23 degree windchills. Winter Storm Warnings were called for southern New Orleans, Louisiana and southern Tallahassee, Florida.

Southern is emphasized to show the far reaching effects of freezing temperatures. The Weather Channel named this storm “Winter Storm Leon.” The Carolina’s and much of North Florida including Pensacola also saw unusually frigid and icy conditions.

Ice Storm Warnings

Ice Storm Warnings were called for Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and North Carolina. I use the social media tool Hootsuite and see a lot of comments like this “Where is the global warming? – more like Global Freezing!

Snow Totals For Winter Storm Janus

Snow Totals

Snow totals for Winter Storm Janus were significant. The snow came with cold winds, freezing temperatures and dangerous ice conditions. From the Rocky Mountains to the east coast, to the north and south the winter storm was widespread again showing global freezing will always happen in season.

The worst of the storm was on Tuesday January 21st and Wednesday January 22nd. Many states had snow totals of a half a foot or more. Cities and/or other areas of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina were included in those who had 6″ or more total snow. Some other higher snow totals are listed:

  • CONNECTICUT: Moosup 11.5″ – Greenwich 10.5″ – Stamford 10.3″
  • DELAWARE: Pike Creek 12.0″ – Wilmington 10.5″ – Newark 9.8″
  • INDIANA: Griffith 20″ to 24″ – Gary 19″ to 20″ – Hammond 16.0″ – Schererville 9″ to 10″
  • MARYLAND: Northeast Heights 11.0″ – by Frederick 10.0″ – Gaithersburg 9.0″
  • MASSACHUSETTS: Norwell 18.3″ – Hanover 18.0″ – Sharon 16.8″
  • NEW JERSEY: Manalapan 15.8″ – Englishtown 15.1″ – East Rutherford 13.0″ – Piscataway 10.0″ – Newark 10.0″
  • NEW YORK: North Babylon 14.5″ – Selden 14.5″ – Lindenhurst 13.3″ – Searsdale 12.1″ – New York City’s Central Park 11.5″ – Islip Airport 11.2″
  • PENNSYLVANIA: Brookhaven 14.8″ – Philadelphia International Airport 13.5″ – Warwick 9.7″
  • RHODE ISLAND: West Glocester 12.2″ – Woonsocket 11.3″
  • WEST VIRGINIA: Beckley 9.2″ – Lewisburg 9.0″ – Morgantown 8″

There are some interesting facts about the snow totals. Philadelphia International Airport had all its 13.5″ of snow on one day, Tuesday January 21st. This made for one of the snowiest days in recorded history for Philadelphia. Also, Central Park in New York City set a new record with its 11.5″ snow total.

Just a couple of the many freezing low temperatures were 13 degrees below zero in Minneapolis, Minnesota and 6 below zero in Elkins, West Virginia. States of Emergency were called for New York City Metro, New Jersey and Delaware. Schools and businesses closed from the cold, ice and snow from Michigan to Texas. West Virginia closed schools in all of their 55 counties. Global warming?

The far reaching effect of Winter Storm Janus included Winter Storm Warnings from Massachusetts and the southern state of Texas. North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa – over 30 states were included in this massive Winter Storm. Low temperatures for the longest extended time in recorded history are being felt in Michigan. The highest snow totals in Michigan’s recorded history are also taking place – but not finished yet.


Houston was hit by Janus and then again from a smaller storm called Winter Storm Kronos. Kronos reached way down to San Antonio, Texas also with snow, ice, sleet and unusual cold temperatures. And now another Winter Storm that will be colder in many cities and include more high snow totals. Global Freezing.

Nuclear Powered Ice Breakers Destroy Global Warming

Ice Breakers

Nuclear Powered Icebreakers began service in 1959. The first called the NS Lenin, had two nuclear acccidents and retired from service in 1989. Nuclear powered vessels are used for scientific research, tourism and ice breaking.

The December 2014 incident of 52 passengers and crew members being stuck in the Antarctic Sea proves the necessity of ice breakers. The ice was approximately 8 to 10 feet thick unusual for even these cold waters. Global warming advocate Al Gore proclaimed several years ago that the ice caps would be melted by the end of 2013. Not only was he wrong – ice has grown. If ice melting means global warming then does ice increasing growth mean global freezing?

The Antarctic sea ice was so thick that four countries were called on to try and rescue the vessels. Australia, China, France and the United States answered the call. A helicopter aboard a Chinese icebreaker rescued the passengers on January 2nd. They carried them to an Australian icebreaker named the Aurora Australis. It has been well reported how the Austalian and Chinese icebreakers sent to free the Russian vessel also got stuck in the monstrous sea ice themselves.

Global Warming?

The expedition started November 28, 2013. Part of the scientific research was suppose to be on climate change. Ha Ha. Climate changed so much that the expedition was halted because of ice increase. What do Nuclear Powered Icebreakers have to do with destroying climate change? They are built at an enormous expense to combat the havoc ice growth becomes when it blocks shipping and exploration. Shipping of vital goods like food and fuel. It is freezing enough in much of North America and Europe. Can you imagine not having fuel for heat in Russia or Iceland?

Just that fact that the biggest, most expensive Nuclear Powered Icebreaker ever built is in production shows somebody, somewhere knows global freezing is here to stay.

Russia is having an over 1 billion dollar Nuclear Powered Icebreaker built. The massive vessel called “The Arctic” has an ice class of 9. This highest class means The Arctic will be able to navigate the Arctic waters 365 days a year breaking ice at will.

Global warmers can rest free in their explorations knowing when they are stuck in ice they will be rescued.

Record Cold With Ion Arctic Blast

Record Cold

Record cold temperatures by the “Ion Arctic Blast” extended from the north to usually hot Florida. Winter Storm Ion was dangerous with its frigid winds, freezing temperatures and drifting snow. The storm is being blamed for at least 21 deaths. Tens of thousands were without power and thousands of flights were canceled also.

So fierce was Ion that it caused the first Winter Storm Warning since 1993 to be called in Buffalo, New York. The National Guard was also sent to Buffalo because of the extremely cold blizzard conditions. With temperatures up to 50 below their average – yes FIFTY BELOW AVERAGE – take a look at these numbers. All these are record cold temperatures ever recorded for the day of January 7th.

  • Detroit, Michigan -14 degrees below zero
  • Nashville, Tennessee 2 degrees above zero
  • Atlanta, Georgia 6 degrees above zero
  • Columbia, Georgia 11 degrees above zero
  • Macon, Georgia 11 degrees above zero
  • Mobile, Alabama 14 degrees above zero
  • Jackson, Mississippi 14 degrees above zero
  • Savanah, Georgia 19 degrees above zero
  • Charleston, S.C. 20 degrees above zero
  • Jacksonville, FL 22 degrees above zero

Atlanta’s last recorded coldest day was in 1970 which was 10 degrees above zero. Atlanta and Nashville had colder temps than Alaska during much of the storm. Tallahassee, Florida had its coldest high temperature ever since 1996, which was 35 degrees above zero. There were several other record cold temps set with Winter Storm Ion. Now take a gander at some amazing snow totals which global freezing will group by state:

Snow Totals

  • Flint, Michigan – 17.1″ which is the 3rd largest snowstorm in recorded history. Sunday’s 14.5″ was the 2nd highest snow day recorded.
  • Benton Harbor, Michigan – 18.8″
  • Coldwater, Michigan – 19.0″
  • Lansing, Michigan – 10.8″
  • St. Louis/Lambert, Missouri – 10.8″
  • Festus, Missouri – 13.5″
  • Columbia, Indiana – 16.0″
  • La Porte, Indiana – 16.0″
  • Indianapolis, Indiana – 11.5″ set a record on Sunday for the day of January 5th
  • Fog Park Reservoir, Wyoming – 20.0″
  • Paulding, Ohio – 14.0″
  • Toledo, Ohio – 13.0″
  • Mascoutah, Illinois – 15.0″
  • Chicago-O’Hare, Illinois – 11.7″
  • Rodman, New York – 60.0″
  • Copenhagen, New York – 54.0″
  • Adams, New York – 48.0″
  • Watertown, New York – 47.0″
  • Lowville, New York – 27.0″
  • Elma, New York – 18.0″
  • Beaver Falls, New York – 16.0″
  • Orchard Park, New York – 14.0″
  • Buffalo, New York – 7.6″ for Wednesday alone which is reported to be a record for January 8th.

There were many other interesting facts associated with Winter Storm Ion. A funny one is the prisoner who escaped his cell and went to a motel to ask if they would call the police in Lexington, Kentucky so he could be picked up. The inmate complained that it was so freezing outside that he wanted to go back to jail. Bet ya he doesn’t believe in global warming.

The Tennessee Valley Authority says Winter Storm Ion resulted in the 2nd highest energy output in its history. Global freezing record cold yes – global warming no.

The information on global freezing comes from reliable sources and mistakes are corrected when found or brought to our attention.

WARNING: Winter Storm Ion Brings Danger, Freezing Arctic Blast

Winter Storm Ion

Winter Storm Ion has hit America with a dangerous freezing Arctic Blast. An amazing 32 of the lower 48 states have been under either a Winter Storm Advisory or Winter Storm Warning. The approximate 1200 mile long storm prompted the National Weather Station to call its cold winds “life threatening.” Wind chills are so brutal Minneapolis closed its schools for the first time since 1997. A few of the fierce wind chill amounts:

  • Duluth, Minnesota – 53 degrees BELOW ZERO
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – 47 degrees BELOW ZERO
  • Fargo, North Dakota – 45 degrees BELOW ZERO
  • International Falls, Minnesota – 44 degrees BELOW ZERO
  • Bismark, North Dakota – 43 degrees BELOW ZERO
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin – 41 degrees BELOW ZERO

Wind chills and freezing temperatures in Chicago are so deadly that only 10 minutes exposure outside can get cause frostbite. Chicago had a high temperature of seven degrees BELOW ZERO. In 50 degrees BELOW ZERO wind chills frostbite can occur in just 5 minutes. A list of some high temperature readings that freeze global warming in its tracks:

  • International Falls, Minnesota – 18 degrees BELOW ZERO
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – 17 degrees BELOW ZERO
  • Bismark, North Dakota – 12 degrees BEOW ZERO
  • Chicago, Illinois – 7 degrees BELOW ZERO
  • Des Moines, Iowa – 5 degrees BELOW ZERO

The Minneapolis high temperature of 17 degrees BELOW ZERO on Monday, January 6, 2014 was the 3rd coldest high temperature ever recorded for that city.

This dangerous storm is so widespread that school closings reach from the north all the way down to Georgia. Ten to forty below average temperatures are being recorded from the Plains to the Midwest to the East. Winter Storm Ion is freezing, deadly and proof again that global warming is ridiculous.

Global Freezing will post other facts about Ion including many snow totals in the next post.

Winter Storm Hercules Strong Winds Bring In 2014 New Year

Winter Storm Hercules

Winter Storm Hercules brought a blast of strong freezing winds to start the 2014 New Year. It has been an unwelcome surprise to many. Over 100 million people have been under either a Winter Storm Advisory, Watch or Warning. The dangerous Winter Storm Hercules is being blamed for up to 15 deaths.

Wind Chills

Wind chills have been so cold it along with snow and ice have prompted the New York and New Jersey Governors to claim a “State of Emergency.” The new mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, pleaded with citizens to stay home. Blizzard Warnings were proclaimed in the Northeast and also North Dakota. Some stunning wind chills have been recorded as follows:

  • Caribou, Maine – 37 degrees below zero
  • Burlington, Virginia – 29 degrees below zero
  • Logan Airport (Boston) – 21 degrees below zero
  • Cleveland, Ohio – 20 degrees below zero
  • Warwick, Rhode Island – 20 degrees below zero
  • State of New Hampshire – 15 to 35 degrees below zero
  • State of West Virginia – 15 to 20 degrees below zero

The wind chills listed above is a very partial list in only the Northeast. Frigid winds reached from Wyoming in the north to as far south as New Mexico and Texas. International Falls, Minnesota set a record low for the date of January 2nd when it plummeted to 42 degrees below zero. A record low temperature for the date of January 3rd was set in Fort Wayne, Indiana where it reached 10 below zero.

Snow Totals

Some snow totals for the state of Massachusetts are listed. As always amounts can change slightly when accumulation continues.

  • Boxford – 23.8″
  • Topsfield – 23.5″
  • Rowley – 18″
  • Boston – 15.1″
  • Yarmouth – 15.1″
  • Lynn – 15″
  • Winthrop – 14.6″
  • Hanson – 13″
  • Kingston – 13″
  • Wilmington – 13″
  • Randolph – 12.5″
  • Shrewsbury – 12.5″
  • Halifax – 12.2″
  • Hyannis – 12.0″
  • Lakeville – 12.0″
  • Nahant – 12.0″
  • Sharon – 12.0″

The Rochester, New York area had up to 18 inches of snow and Eastern New York 14 inches. The surrounding Chicago area had 12 to 17 inches of snow. Wyandotte, Michigan had 11.6 inches and Romulus, Michigan 11.1 inches. Detroit Metro Airport had a freezing 2 below zero temp and Boston, MA went as low as 2 below zero.

Three hikers in the Great Smoky Mountains were rescued after bitter cold weather gave them hypothermia. Global warming? More like global freezing – and more freezing conditions are on the way. Just shortly ago a Blizzard Watch was upgraded to a Blizzard Warning for Minnesota tomorrow. Wow! Forty two below zero record setter and now they have more coming. A matter of fact the next winter storm is predicted to be colder than Winter Storm Hercules for millions. What a welcome to the New Year, 2014!

Global Freezing in Antarctic Brings 10 Feet Thick Ice

Global Freezing

Global freezing in the Antarctic is so cold that it is even affecting icebreakers. An Australian icebreaker headed to help a Russian vessel get unstuck turned back itself so it wouldn’t get stuck. The Russian ship stuck in the Antarctic is the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, an expedition vessel.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry 74 people are aboard of which 56 will be attempted to be rescued. The plan is to have a Chinese icebreaker with a helicopter lift off 52 passengers and 4 crew members. So far two icebreaker vessels have been sent to break up the ice and both had to turn back. The remaining 18 have plenty of food and supplies.

Up To 10 Feet Thick Ice

With ice up to 10 feet thick the global freezing conditions are unusual for even the Antarctic. On Christmas the MV Akademik Shokalskiy sent out an emergency distress signal. As of this post on Decmber 30, 2013 the Russian vessel is still stuck in ice.

Global freezing is literally on a global scale when you actually pay attention to where freezing is happening. Right now Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, many other European countries, Asia, Australia, North Africa and the Middle East have been affected by unusual frigid weather.

When tropical countries like Vietnam and Thailand are giving cold weather advisories then something is in the air. Yes, global cooling and global freezing is here just watch the weather news.