Lake Baikal, Russia Ice Sound Percussion

Lake Baikal

This great video takes place in southern Siberia, Russia on Lake Baikal. One of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, Lake Baikal is also one of the deepest lakes. Global Freezing is well on planet earth as seen in this video. Who wants global warming to destroy great sound percussions like this? One of my favorites here for you to enjoy.

Ice can be a thing of beauty with its different designs and intricate shapes. An array of amazing colors can also develop. Now add to this amazing sounds and we can see why water in its frozen state can be a wonder to behold.

Another reason to refute the doomsday scenario of climate change while we listen to the music. Listen to the music – isn’t that a song too? Just enjoy the video. This one is hard to beat so it can also be found on Global Freezings “FAV” link near the top of the page.

Global Warming Survey In Cheyenne, Wyoming

Global Warming Survey

Global Freezing did a global warming survey in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The survey was small and in no way representative of the overall population although it brought some interesting results. The introduction and question only to businesses was “Hello, this is global freezing dot com, we are doing a one question survey, do you believe in global warming?”

The Cheyenne, Wyoming results to “Do you believe in global warming?”

  • No – 35
  • Yes – 31
  • Don’t know – 4

The survey was taken between April 19th to April 30th with several more calls made where there was no answer or with the person not wanting to participate. In light of April 2013 being the 4th snowiest on record for April and 7 degrees below the average we thought there would be more no’s then there were.

Average snowfall accumulation was just 10.3 inches for Cheyenne, Wyoming with April 2013 being 37.5 inches. It was the snowiest April in 83 years. Also April 2013 had 3 record cold days and 4 record colds for the highest temperature of the day. It was the snowiest April in 83 years with the average temperature being a cold 35.7 degrees.

Automobile Businesses

What was interesting in the global warming survey was that various automobile businesses like auto repair shops had a big edge in NOT believing in global warming where restaurant workers were the opposite having a big edge in believing in global warming. There were more young people answering the phones in the restaurants which is probably an indicator of what the youth are taught today.

Bars and Bowling Alleys

Bars in Cheyenne, Wyoming gave a slight advantage to believing in global warming with bowling alleys being almost a tie. Of course the survey was only taken with the person who answered the phone so it was not representative of the whole business. This was the only fair way because if someone strongly believed one way or the other they could come back with a skewed response.

I would like to do a much bigger survey of 500 to 10,000 which is hard to do while growing this and my other blog MMA PEST and doing SEO for a company I work for in Nashville, Tennessee.

Memorial Day Snow On Whiteface Mountain in New York Gives Al Gore a Black Eye

Memorial Day Snow

May 27, 2013 will be a Memorial Day snow to remember. Some 36 to 37 inches of snow fell on Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks of New York state. Internet inventor and former Vice President Al Gore blames late snowstorms on global warming. He conveniently uses the term climate change to convince the gullible that it is global warming that causes climate to change.

While, Mr. Gore did not fool us about the internet, he still will not convince most that when it is cold or snowing that it is global warming.

Carbon Tax

Al Gore is getting filthy rich over the doomsday scam of climate change. This scam has resulted in a carbon tax that many nations are pushing. Energy is a powerful force that some politicians want to use to exert to over tax its citizens. Al Gore himself is one of the biggest wasters of energy and biggest polluters of the environment. It is disgusting people believe what he says. I do feel very satisfied that the good people of his home state of Tennessee caused him to lose the Presidency. Because we know.

Ice Age

Although I don’t believe an ice age is coming there is more reason to see a global cooling trend coming than global warming. Besides Russia’s coldest December in over a half a century, Europe’s devastating prolonged winter consider record cold temperatures and record snow records are still being set.

The previous latest snow in Syracuse, New York was on May 17, 1973 with the new record now being May 24, 2013. For the global warming doomsday believers that say this is snow and it does not prove cold – that is Al Gore messed up thinking.

For one, it is way below average temperatures this time of year for it to be snowing. Two, twenty to thirty degrees below average temperatures in hundreds of cities just a few days from June is proof that global warming has received a black eye just like Al Gore. Thanks to the Memorial Day snow.

A BIG THANK YOU to Phil Valentine for his vocal support of Global

Traverse City, Michigan May Snow

Traverse City

Traverse City, Michigan received a late snow with unseasonable cold temperatures in the second week of May. Traverse City is a beautiful town toward the upper western part of lower Michigan. Because of the U.P. or Upper Penninsula of Michigan, which also had snow in May, this is the way you describe where Traverse City is.

Even though Michigan is a northern state snow in May is unusual. The video is pleasant to look at with the snow falling and maybe some climate change enthusiasts can tell me something. Why is global warming taking so long to get to so many parts of the world? It’s not just Traverse City, Michigan as cold temperatures prevail in many other states well into spring.

Social Media

There is a social media website that I tweet on that is one of the most visited websites in the world. It is called Hootsuite. I put in the keyword phrase “global Freezing” and people from around the world are voicing, so to speak, their disgust at global warming. Why? Because it is freezing where they are at when it is suppose to be warm now.

Hootsuite is great because you can get a free account and type in your keyword or keyword phrase and add it to your group and instantly people from around the world who are typing in your keyword are popping up with their opinions or comment on the keyword.

I have a global freezing group and keyword phrase that shows comments from around the world on how freezing it is where they are at. You can then tweet a message out on Hootsuite and have it linked to your Facebook and Twitter page. Pretty neat.

They also get very expressive and mad at the ridiculousness of global warming well they are freezing their buns off.

May 2013 Keeps Snow and Global Freezing Coming

Snow and Global Freezing

Snow and global freezing weather is still here in the 2nd week of May. When one, then two, then three, then four snowstorms came in April I thought it would be great for Global Freezing. Now with less than three weeks left until June there is still snow and cold weather conditions.

Michigan-Indiana-North Carolina

The Upper Penninsula of Michigan and even some other areas like Traverse City are experiencing snow and cold temperatures unusual for even a northern state at this time of year. Over 40 mph wind gust in the U.P. in May. An Indiana farmer stated that the frost and freezing was worse than drought on farmers now. You can water when it doesn’t rain to a certain extent but it’s hard to deal with a freeze.

Sections of New York state and as far south as Ashville, North Carolina have weather forecasters warning of frost or freeze. The Weather Channel actually called it a “Rare May Cold Snap.”


I love the attitude of the man in the YouTube video. People complain about the weather in Tennessee where it is almost perfect. Like he said, if you chose where you live don’t complain. I’ll add if you have a choice to move but choose to stay where your at then don’t complain.

You just would have to live in a cold weather state to really appreciate a short winter and then pleasant to hot weather the entire rest of the year. Almost nobody wants global freezing the whole year.

Major League Baseball Strikes Out Global Warming In Record Cold

Major League Baseball Cold

Major League Baseball is proving global warming to be a farce. Players are still playing ball in cold conditions for this time of year. One of the most unusual games was when the Atlanta Braves played the Colorado Rockies in a cold temperature of 23 degrees. STATS Inc. started collecting data in 1991 and it shows April 23, 2013 to be the coldest start of a baseball game in at least twelve years.

Just five days earlier the Rockies tied a record for the coldest home start for the team. Also, at least three baseball games for the Colorado Rockies were canceled because of snow. This is not surprising when you consider over one thousand snow accumulation records have been set.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Many global warming, climate change doomsdayers proclaim foul ball because they say snow does not prove cold temperatures. This defense would be somewhat warranted if it were in the dead of winter when cold temperatures were expected. But many snow records were broke in April when temperatures should have been much warmer eliminating any chance for snowfall. Snow also fell in May in Denver, Colorado, Minneapolis, Minnesota and some other cities which proves the extent of an extended winter. Global Warming Hogwash!

If the climate change slash global warming believers say only cold weather stats should be used then here we go. The National Climatic Data Center, (NCDC) which holds the world’s largest active archive of weather data, has reported over three thousand four hundred cold temperature records in just the last few weeks.

Does this prove an ice age is coming? No, we don’t go off the deep end like many global warming practitioners. It just shows cold and hot weather temperatures will always be here. It also shows climate change to be on very thin ice.

For my favorite YouTube video and song on Global Freezing see Baltic Ice or the Ice link above.

Record Breaking Temperatures From April’s 4th Winter Storm Zeus

Winter Storm Zeus Breaking Records

The 4th winter storm in April, called Storm Zeus, is breaking old low temperature records and snow accumulation records. The first three storms did the same. The four winter storms were named Walda, Xerxes, Yogi and Zeus completing the alphabet for winter storms this season.

Global freezing temperatures have reached as far down as Amirillo, Texas where the old record low set in 1909 was broken. The new record low temperature for April 23 is now 26 degrees. Bismarck, North Dakota had a record low of 14 degrees for April 23. Rapid City, South Dakota demolished its old record low temperature of 21 degrees for April 23 with its new record low of 14 degrees.

There have been so many record low temperatures and record lowest high temperatures for the day that it is hard to keep up with. Other records are also being set like the lowest ever recorded temperature for the last half of April. The record low for any time between April 15 to April 30 in Minnesota was 0 degrees in 1928 at Cloquet, Minnesota. The new record low of minus 14 degrees Fahrenheit in Embarrass, Minnesota completely shattered the old record.

Climate Change and Global Warming

is non-sense when you also realize this record is for the entire state of Minnesota not just one city. In other words, when one of the coldest winter states in America breaks an 85 year old record for the entire last half of the month of April, global warming is not producing global warming. Some other records just for April 20, 2013 with many other low temperature records not included here:

  • Duluth International Airport Previous Record in 1928 was 14 degrees. New 2013 Record 11 degrees.
  • Twin Cities-Minneapolis/St. Paul-Previous Record in 1888 26 degrees. New 2013 Record 21 degrees.
  • International Falls Previous Record Low in 1966 of 18 degrees. New 2013 Record 4 degrees.

Minneapolis – St. Paul

Another interesting fact is that Minneapolis/St. Paul has not reached 60 degrees the entire year going into the last week of April. To put this into perspective the average date the Twin Cities have reached 70 degrees is April 5. Almost three weeks later and not even one 60 degree temperature has been attained..

The magnitude of the longevity and global reach of the cold 2012/2013 winter season is amazing. From the east coast with baseball games being cancelled because of winter conditions in April to the opening day of horse racing in Fort Pierre, South Dakota. To the coldest winter in over 70 years in the coldest country on earth to a bitter, freezing prolonged winter in England, the Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany – and more. Tell them about global warming and climate change.

For many climate is changing to global freezing conditions. The record breaking low temperatures from April’s 4th Winter Storm Zeus are not over with either.

Boulder County Farmers Market Not Getting A Bear Hug From Storm Yogi

Boulder County Farmers Market

Winter Storm Yogi has now affected produce growth like what is showcased at the Boulder County Farmers Market. The market will still be a success but Storm Yogi has hampered some areas of early vegetable harvesting as seen in this video.

The video gives a unique look at how a late snowstorm with below freezing temperatures can result in low yields. Actually there were back to back to back late snowstorms. Yes, three snowstorms in the spring and one of them just twelve days before May. Winter Storm Walda, Xerxes and Yogi brought so much snow and so many freezing temperatures in mid April defying the logic of climate change or global warming. And – in a very widespread area covering about 2000 miles and several states.

Global freezing temperatures in much of Europe and Asia with a prolonged agonizing winter recently also leaves global warming in the dust.

Denver, Colorado

had a record low for the day of April 9th of 9 degrees. Then on April 10th Denver had a record low for that day of 6 degrees. Storm Yogi gave Denver 9.1 inches of snow with Estes Park, Colorado getting 27 inches from Yogi. Just a few other Winter Storm Yogi snow totals:

  • Ironwood, Michigan – 16 inches
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota – 7.2 inches
  • North of Grand Marais, Minnesota – 24 inches
  • Harrison, Nebraska – 16 inches
  • Hot Springs, South Dakota – 8.8 inches
  • Gile, Wisconsin – 23 inches
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming – 17.9 inches
  • South of Douglas, Wyoming – reported 39 inches

Storm Yogi

was also the latest of the winter storms well into the middle of April not winding down until April 19th. Additionally, hundreds of cities had temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below average temperatures for this time of year. For extended periods of time meaning it was no fluke.

Climate change and doomsday global warmers have a hard time dealing with these facts. Look for them to say global warming caused it to be too cold and to snow a lot. Yea, right. Tell that to some of the growers like those at the Boulder County Farmers Market.

Better yet, just look at the video again and let what is happening sink in. Cyclical Weather Patterns.

Winter Storm Yogi Bears Down

Winter Storm Yogi

continues to bear down on several states. Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota have been hammered with snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Winter storm Yogi comes right off the back of winter storm Walda just a few days ago.

Record Breaking Low Temperatures

Global Freezing includes a few of the record breaking low temperatures and day snow accumulation from winter storm Walda and/or winter storm Yogi. This is just some of Wyoming alone:

  • Cheyenne, Wyoming – record low for April 9, 2013 of 6 degrees F
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming – record low for April 10, 2013 of 5 degrees F
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming – record snow amount in one day on April 15, 2013 6.5 inches (shatters 123 year old record dating back to 1890)
  • Laramie, Wyoming – record low for April 10, 2013 of 5 degrees F
  • Casper, Wyoming – record Coldest High Temperature in a day on April 9, 2013 of 13 degrees ( no February day in 2013 in Casper had a Colder High Temperature)

Wyoming is under another winter snow storm on April 16th. This winter storm will stretch into several states with global freezing conditions. Winter storm Yogi is creating such cold temperatures that climate change and global warming can not bear it. But Yogi can.

South Dakota Governor Issues Emergency Declaration

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has issued an Emergency Declaration in wake of a recent ice storm. The declaration allows the use of equipment from the Department of Transportation and their personnel to be used to help local officials. Emergency crews will clear downed trees and other debris left by the massive ice storm.

Downed power lines are always a top concern and are even more difficult to deal with when tangled up with brush, trees and other substances. The freezing ice and weather conditions are so bad that even the National Guard has been placed on alert by the South Dakota Governor.

Snowstorms and Global Freezing

Yet another snowstorm is expected within the next few days which is sure to keep Governor Dennis Daugaard in his own emergency declaration of high alert. South Dakota residents are surely believing global freezing is more likely than global warming.