Winter Storm Walda Widespread

Winter storm Walda has spread its snow and freezing temperatures into several states. April snowstorms and ice accumulation have hit Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Some other states feeling unusually cold temperatures are Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee – to name a few. If global warming was real then how could cold and freezing temperatures be so widespread? This April 2013 winter storm has spread over a one thousand mile wide area. Now, weather reports have it that another snowstorm is on the horizon next Wednesday, April 17th.

Longevity and Inclusiveness

The longevity and inclusiveness of freezing temperatures prove global warming is a myth. Longevity where winter freezing temperatures extend well into Spring. Inclusiveness where winter freezing temperatures beyond the norm have extended from Asia in countries like Russia and China, to Sweden, Finland, Norway and the U.K. in Europe to Canada and the United States. Also include the Ukraine where just a few months ago over 200 people died from freezing temperatures.

With increasing numbers people around the world are proclaiming Global Freezing. It’s easy to see why when you get the facts and when winter storms like Walda come in April.

Global Warming Groundhog Lies About Spring Weather Temperatures

Even the grounhog is getting in on global warming. Punxsutawney Phil wanted spring weather temperatures so bad that he lied to the American people. Who can we trust anymore?

The groundhog wanted climate to change so bad he did what some global warming scientists do – mislead and deceive us. Well, now he has to face the music. With weather temperatures well below average in several states groundhog Phil should go back to his hole and try again.

Asia and Europe

Much of Asia and Europe are facing prolonged freezing temperatures. Russia had the coldest winter in December in over 70 years. Global warming? The United Kingdom is suffering the coldest March in 50 years. Global warming? Unusual frigid cold in China. Global warming? Over 200 deaths from freezing temperatures in the Ukraine. Global warming hysteria about weather temperatures is not based on actual facts.

Over half the United States is experiencing temperatures now 10 to 30 degrees below average for this time of year. The groundhog must have had a bad day.

Detroit, Michigan has had at least 22 days of below average temperatures in the month of March. Nashville, Tennessee is way below average temps with snow flurries 5 days past the first day of Spring – unusually cold. When temperatures go 10 to 20 degrees above average the global warmers go into a frizzy saying climate change is the culprit.

Global Freezing is not about believing the world will freeze over into an Ice Age. What it is about is having a voice to combat the exaggerations of climate change and global warming. Spring is here but so is the cold weather temperatures no matter what the groundhog saw.


Global Freezing Half Earth shows Climate Change is more than Global Warming

Global Freezing Half Earth in Ice Cube

Global freezing temperatures again attest to the fact that the earth will always have four seasons. Polar bears are increasing in numbers so don’t go out on some ridiculous tangent until you get the facts.

Climate change happens all the time naturally. Cyclical weather patterns since the beginning of time causes climate to change. Global warming doomsday predictions are a fallacy of the imagination.

The Farmers Almanac has relied on Sunspot activity for their prediction model for several decades.

It is hard for the doomsday climate change enthusiasts to explain how the Ice Age went away when CO2 was almost non-existent.