Politically Correct Climate Change

Partial Frozen Earth

It is suppose to be politically correct to say climate change when referring to global warming. Hogwash! Everyone knows climate changes so to use climate change interchangeably with global warming is ludicrous.

The Pope, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and many other misinformed individuals think they sound so smart by saying climate change is real. I have very old news for you. Climate has changed since the beginning of time and will never stop changing. Pope Francis said global warming is a threat to humanity and hosted an event with mayors and governors around the world.

    Not surprising the liberal California Governor Jerry Brown, New York Mayor Bill de Blasia along with other like minded global warmers from Asia, Africa and Europe convened. Pope Francis climate change encyclical is a formal Catholic teaching document. However, many climate scientists believe global warming is a hoax or vastly exaggerated. Global warming should affect temperatures and diminish the length of cold winter seasons if in fact climate is changing. Consider. Even Weather Channel Historian Chris Burt stated:

    November 2014 was the coldest November since 2000 for the contiguous U.S.

    The term “Arctic Outbreak” was used frequently by meterologists during the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 winter seasons. Why? Because of extreme freezing weather conditions that were in fact – widespread. Boston shattered their old record of 107.6″ of snow from 1995/1996 with a new record of 110.6″ for the 2014/2015 winter season. Worchester, Massachusettes past record snowfall was 86.7″ and the 2014/2015 winter demolished that record with 119.7″. And for those foolish enough to say snow does not mean cold, record snow piles were often the result of extended periods of cold temperatures not allowing the snow to melt.

    Collapsing roofs, closed roads including freeways, frozen fountains, astounding over 85% ice coverage on the Great Lakes – a rare two years in a row, freezing temps from the East Coast in November to Denver and Arizona in May. It’s amazing how global warming makes things colder for such a long time isn’t it?

    Climate Change is actually politically incorrect.

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