Record Cold Temperatures

This winter season set thousands of daily record cold temperatures and many record monthly temps. Global Freezing weather was widespread and lasted too long for millions of people. The Great Lakes are finally starting to thaw. Not since the 1970’s has The Great Lakes seen 2 seasons in a row with 85% or more ice cover.

Even in the Washington D.C. area where many political climate change and global warming enthusiasts reside freezing temperatures ruled the day. In the last week of February a record high number of severe frostbite cases were reported. The hospital’s burn director at MedStar Washington Center said 8 patients were admitted with severe frostbite compared to the just 1 or 2 usual cases for an entire winter season. Interestingly, none of the frostbite victims appeared to be homeless.

Some cities with the coldest ever recorded February’s with their average temperatures for that month:

  • Buffalo, New York – average 10.9 degrees normally 26.3
  • Syracuse, New York – average 9.0 degrees
  • Binghamton, New York – average 12.2 degrees
  • Ithaca, New York – average 10.2 degrees
  • Rochester, New York – average 12.2 degrees
  • Hartford, Connecticut – average 16.1 degrees
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – average 20.9 degrees
  • Portland, Maine – average 13.8 degrees
  • CARIBOU, MAINE – deserved all caps with an amazing average of 2.5 degrees

Chicago Cold

Chicago had its 2nd coldest ever recorded February. The last time the windy city saw a February freeze like this was 140 years ago in 1875. Global warming? Don’t think so.

Cleveland Cold

Cleveland broke its all-time record low for February with a 17 below zero temperature on February 20th. The previous February record low was 16 degrees below zero 116 years ago on February 10, 1899.

Coldest Month For ANY Month On Record

All these cities set not only coldest ever recorded February’s but also coldest ever recorded month including all months.

  • Buffalo, New York
  • Rochester, New York
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Bangor, Maine

Several cities had old records broke that were 81 years ago from way back in 1934. They include Amheast, Rochester and Syracuse New York. The most amazing is probably Syracuse because the old record low average for the month of February was 12.1 degrees and the new February 2015 record low average was 9.1 degrees. It takes a significant amount of freezing temperatures for an extended amount of time to be 3 degrees below the old average. Take that climate change.

Did you know snow was so high in Chelmsford Massachusetts that dogs climbed on 7 foot and taller snow mounds next to homes and jumped on roofs. Dogs walking on housetops – interesting and funny.

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