Record Cold

Record cold temperatures and record snow totals have put a freeze on global warming. Hundreds of daily low temp records were broken in just a three day period. The following records are a sample from some of the more popular cities all broken on February 20th.

Cleveland, Ohio broke their all-time low temperature record for the entire month of February on February 20th. The previous record was 16 below zero on February 10, 1899 – over 116 years ago. Cleveland, Ohio’s new record is 17 below zero.

  • Detroit, Mi – 12 below zero
  • Cincinatti, Oh – 12 below zero
  • Lynchburg, Va – 11 below zero “all-time record low for any day with records going back 122 years to 1893”
  • Pittsburg, Pa – 9 below zero
  • New York, N.Y. – 2 degrees above zero
  • Washington D.C. – 5 degrees above zero
  • Charlotte, N.C. – 7 degrees above zero
  • Atlanta, Ga – 16 degrees above zero
  • Jacksonville, Fl – 24 degrees above zero
  • Orlando, Fl – 33 degrees above zero

This is a quality video on the record cold for the third week of February.

Scores of other new all-time record lows are now in the books including Flint, Michigan. Flint had a low temperature record of 21 degrees below zero on February 18, 1929. The new record for February 18th is 25 below zero and also tied the record low for any day in Flint.

Holland, Michigan has a new low temperature record of 11 below zero for the day of February 20th breaking the old record of 8 below from 1966. Grand Rapids, Michigan tied the low temperature record of 13 below zero for the day of February 18th. Other amazing record lows in Michigan:

  • Roscommon – 39 below zero
  • Rudyard – 37 below zero
  • Pellston – 34 below zero
  • Grayling – 32 below zero

Erie, Pennsylvania tied its previous all-time record low of 18 degrees below zero from January 19, 1994. The tied low temp came February 16th.

Jamestown, New York set an all-time record low of a staggering 31 degrees below zero on February 17th. Chicago is having its coldest February since 1875. Boston has now climbed into number two as the second snowiest winter season on record. Eastport, Maine has a new record of 109 inches of snow in just 23 days.

Record lows from northern Michigan to southern Florida are proof global freezing is here to stay. Twenty two deaths in the state of Tennessee alone are being blamed on freezing temperatures and ice. Tennessee was under a State of Emergency and a Code Red from frigid and dangerous weather.

Lexington, Kentucky hit 18 below zero. Richmond, Kentucky tied an all-time record low for the month of February of 32 below zero.

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