April’s Winter Storms Put Damper On Spring

APRIL’S WINTER STORMS Share Global freezing Follow Global Freezing   Winter Storm Yona and Winter Storm Zephyr have put a damper on April Spring for millions of Americans. Occuring from around April 2nd to April 5th, Yona was one of … Continue reading

Winter Storm Names & the Forgotten Storm

Winter Storm Names The Weather Channel came up with the brainstorm to name winter storms. In particular it was Bryan Norcross, a veteran meteorologist, who developed the concept. Norcross said “It’s simply easier to communicate about a complex storm if … Continue reading

Winter Storm Xenia Sends Climate Change Packing

Winter Storm Xenia The last winter storm of March delivered some of the most snow of the season for some cities. Xenia was another widespread storm especially when you consider it is officially spring. On March 31st there was whiteout … Continue reading

Winter Storm Vulcan Kills 3 In Ohio Snowstorm

Winter Storm Vulcan Another late winter storm has been responsible for at least 12 deaths including 3 on the Ohio turnpike. At least 55 vehicles were involved in crashes stretching over one and a half miles. Winter Storm Vulcan was … Continue reading

Winter Storm Titan Puts Global Warming Alarmists Out In The Cold

Winter Storm Titan March has begun for millions of Americans with a freezing winter blast. The Weather Channel has named this one Winter Storm Titan and the name fits good. Global warming alarmists are running for cover because Titan has … Continue reading

Winter Storm Seneca Comes on Heels of Rex

Winter Storm Rex Winter Storm Seneca came quickly on the heels of Winter Storm Rex. Rex did not reach the south like some of the recent winter storms. However, many northern and north eastern states received high snow totals on … Continue reading

Winter Storm Orion Mountains of Snow & Ice

Winter Storm Orion Yet another winter storm has plummeted several states with snow and ice. The Weather Channel named this one Winter Storm Orion. The mountain states received heavy snow totals in their high elavation areas. Many of the snow … Continue reading

Nuclear Powered Ice Breakers Destroy Global Warming

Ice Breakers Nuclear Powered Icebreakers began service in 1959. The first called the NS Lenin, had two nuclear acccidents and retired from service in 1989. Nuclear powered vessels are used for scientific research, tourism and ice breaking. The December 2014 … Continue reading

Winter Storm Cleon Sends Ice, Sleet, Snow, Rain West Coast to East Coast

Winter Storm Cleon Winter Storm Cleon spread its global freezing antics across more than thirty states. Ice, sleet, snow and rain caused death, destruction and havoc. From the West Coast to the East Coast treacherous conditions were the norm. Even … Continue reading

Arctic Ice Cap Expands as Scientists Predict Global Cooling

Arctic Ice Cap The Arctic Ice Cap has expanded an astounding 60% causing scientists to predict a global cooling trend. Some climate scientists are actually expecting the global cooling trend to last to the middle of this century. IPCC In … Continue reading