Winter Storm Vulcan Kills 3 In Ohio Snowstorm

Winter Storm Vulcan Another late winter storm has been responsible for at least 12 deaths including 3 on the Ohio turnpike. At least 55 vehicles were involved in crashes stretching over one and a half miles. Winter Storm Vulcan was … Continue reading

Winter Storm Titan Puts Global Warming Alarmists Out In The Cold

Winter Storm Titan March has begun for millions of Americans with a freezing winter blast. The Weather Channel has named this one Winter Storm Titan and the name fits good. Global warming alarmists are running for cover because Titan has … Continue reading

Winter Storm Seneca Comes on Heels of Rex

Winter Storm Rex Winter Storm Seneca came quickly on the heels of Winter Storm Rex. Rex did not reach the south like some of the recent winter storms. However, many northern and north eastern states received high snow totals on … Continue reading

Global Freezing in Antarctic Brings 10 Feet Thick Ice

Global Freezing Global freezing in the Antarctic is so cold that it is even affecting icebreakers. An Australian icebreaker headed to help a Russian vessel get unstuck turned back itself so it wouldn’t get stuck. The Russian ship stuck in … Continue reading

Global Freezing Hits Jerusalem/Middle East

Global Freezing Global freezing came to the Middle East including Jerusalem in a big way. The resulting snowstorm was rare because it reached into the southern regions of the Middle East. Thousands of homes and businesses lost power and many … Continue reading

Winter Storm Dion Destruction

Winter Storm Dion Winter Storm Dion came right on the heels of Winter Storm Cleon. Even Motorola was not immune to the affects of Dion. Motorola’s fulfillment center in Fort Worth, Texas came to a snales pace on its shipments. … Continue reading

October Global Freezing & Snow Records in South Dakota

Global Freezing Global freezing has hit the first week of October. Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming received heavy amounts of snow for this time of year. Snow accumulation records have been shattered in several cities. The snowstorm was on October … Continue reading

Arctic Ice Cap Expands as Scientists Predict Global Cooling

Arctic Ice Cap The Arctic Ice Cap has expanded an astounding 60% causing scientists to predict a global cooling trend. Some climate scientists are actually expecting the global cooling trend to last to the middle of this century. IPCC In … Continue reading

South America – Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru Shocked By Snow & Cold

South America South America has recently been devastated with snow and freezing cold conditions. Peru had proclaimed a State Of Emergency as ice, snow and cold has caused havoc on roads and several deaths. Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela … Continue reading

President Obama’s Climate Change Agenda Similar To His Failed Change Message

Climate Change On June 25, 2013 President Obama delivered a climate change speech at Georgetown University. Apparently, the President knows when he uses the word “Change” he can count on his supporters. President Obama’s climate change agenda has gotten out … Continue reading