Arctic Ice Cap Expands as Scientists Predict Global Cooling

Arctic Ice Cap The Arctic Ice Cap has expanded an astounding 60% causing scientists to predict a global cooling trend. Some climate scientists are actually expecting the global cooling trend to last to the middle of this century. IPCC In … Continue reading

President Obama’s Climate Change Agenda Similar To His Failed Change Message

Climate Change On June 25, 2013 President Obama delivered a climate change speech at Georgetown University. Apparently, the President knows when he uses the word “Change” he can count on his supporters. President Obama’s climate change agenda has gotten out … Continue reading

Global Warming Groundhog Lies About Spring Weather Temperatures

Even the grounhog is getting in on global warming. Punxsutawney Phil wanted spring weather temperatures so bad that he lied to the American people. Who can we trust anymore? The groundhog wanted climate to change so bad he did what … Continue reading