Major Snowstorm To Hit Northeast

Winter Storm Juno is expected to slam the North Eastern United States with a snowstorm Monday and Tuesday. A “Blizzard Watch” is already in effect for Providence, Rhode Island, Boston, New York City and parts of New Jersey. Portland, Maine … Continue reading

Global Warmers Green With Envy Over St. Patrick’s Day

GLOBAL WARMING GREEN Another winter storm is in the books but it came right before St. Patrick’s Day and left just after. Even non Irish global warmers were green with envy because the weather keeps proving them wrong. Winter Storm … Continue reading

State of Emergency Claimed By President & Governors

Georgia State of Emergency A State of Emergency was posted for Georgia by President Obama and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. The Weather Channel is calling this Winter Storm Pax. At least 25 deaths have been attributed to this vicious ice … Continue reading

Winter Storm Nika Amazing Snowstorm Tally

Winter Storm Nika Winter Storm Nika come right on the back of Winter Storm Maximus. The difference has been the tremendous reach of Nika. Even in Punxsutawney Phil’s neck of the woods the famous groundhog city of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania received … Continue reading

Global Freezing Hits Jerusalem/Middle East

Global Freezing Global freezing came to the Middle East including Jerusalem in a big way. The resulting snowstorm was rare because it reached into the southern regions of the Middle East. Thousands of homes and businesses lost power and many … Continue reading

October Global Freezing & Snow Records in South Dakota

Global Freezing Global freezing has hit the first week of October. Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming received heavy amounts of snow for this time of year. Snow accumulation records have been shattered in several cities. The snowstorm was on October … Continue reading

Boulder County Farmers Market Not Getting A Bear Hug From Storm Yogi

Boulder County Farmers Market Winter Storm Yogi has now affected produce growth like what is showcased at the Boulder County Farmers Market. The market will still be a success but Storm Yogi has hampered some areas of early vegetable harvesting … Continue reading

South Dakota Governor Issues Emergency Declaration

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has issued an Emergency Declaration in wake of a recent ice storm. The declaration allows the use of equipment from the Department of Transportation and their personnel to be used to help local officials. Emergency … Continue reading