New World Record Cold Temperature Set in Antarctic

World Record A new world record has been set for cold temperature in the Antarctic. It was satellite measured by NASA with data from August 2010. The East Antarctica reading was -135.8 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, -93.2 degrees below zero … Continue reading

Winter Storm Yogi Bears Down

Winter Storm Yogi continues to bear down on several states. Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota have been hammered with snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Winter storm Yogi comes right off the back of winter storm Walda just … Continue reading

Global Warming Groundhog Lies About Spring Weather Temperatures

Even the grounhog is getting in on global warming. Punxsutawney Phil wanted spring weather temperatures so bad that he lied to the American people. Who can we trust anymore? The groundhog wanted climate to change so bad he did what … Continue reading