Winter Storm Titan Puts Global Warming Alarmists Out In The Cold

Winter Storm Titan March has begun for millions of Americans with a freezing winter blast. The Weather Channel has named this one Winter Storm Titan and the name fits good. Global warming alarmists are running for cover because Titan has … Continue reading

Snow Totals For Winter Storm Janus

Snow Totals Snow totals for Winter Storm Janus were significant. The snow came with cold winds, freezing temperatures and dangerous ice conditions. From the Rocky Mountains to the east coast, to the north and south the winter storm was widespread … Continue reading

Winter Storm Dion Destruction

Winter Storm Dion Winter Storm Dion came right on the heels of Winter Storm Cleon. Even Motorola was not immune to the affects of Dion. Motorola’s fulfillment center in Fort Worth, Texas came to a snales pace on its shipments. … Continue reading

Winter Storm Cleon Sends Ice, Sleet, Snow, Rain West Coast to East Coast

Winter Storm Cleon Winter Storm Cleon spread its global freezing antics across more than thirty states. Ice, sleet, snow and rain caused death, destruction and havoc. From the West Coast to the East Coast treacherous conditions were the norm. Even … Continue reading

Record Breaking Temperatures From April’s 4th Winter Storm Zeus

Winter Storm Zeus Breaking Records The 4th winter storm in April, called Storm Zeus, is breaking old low temperature records and snow accumulation records. The first three storms did the same. The four winter storms were named Walda, Xerxes, Yogi … Continue reading