The UK and the Ice Age

The UK Endures Cool Summer

In the UK only 1998 and 2011 were colder summers than this summer. 2012 and 2015 recorded an average reading of 13.9% C meaning global warming is hiding again.

Chief Scientist Professor Dame Julia Slingo stated:

No one can deny we have had a pretty disappointing summer with a lot of unsettled weather and only a few warm spells, especially through July and August.

Julia Slingo is a British meteorologist and climate scientist. She made a ridiculous statement in March 2012 that a reduction in Arctic sea ice caused by climate change was possible linked to colder and drier winter weather in the UK. So if it is too hot or too cold it is caused by climate change.

After last years summer average of 14.8 C global warmers were having their say about climate change. The 14.8 C was half a degree higher than the average summer temperature records of the last 3 decades. The UK’s average for the 30 year time period was 14.3 C.

This is precisely another reason why level headed observors of temperature change know one season like last years in the UK does not prove anything. Except. Climate does change like in has for thousands of years. In 1978 Leonard Nimoly said “Climate experts believe the next Ice Age is on its way.”

Now some so called climate experts are saying global warming is going to be catastrophic. Global Freezing believes when its cold or hot it is part of the cyclical weather change that has been on earth since the beginning of time.

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