Traverse City, Michigan May Snow

Traverse City

Traverse City, Michigan received a late snow with unseasonable cold temperatures in the second week of May. Traverse City is a beautiful town toward the upper western part of lower Michigan. Because of the U.P. or Upper Penninsula of Michigan, which also had snow in May, this is the way you describe where Traverse City is.

Even though Michigan is a northern state snow in May is unusual. The video is pleasant to look at with the snow falling and maybe some climate change enthusiasts can tell me something. Why is global warming taking so long to get to so many parts of the world? It’s not just Traverse City, Michigan as cold temperatures prevail in many other states well into spring.

Social Media

There is a social media website that I tweet on that is one of the most visited websites in the world. It is called Hootsuite. I put in the keyword phrase “global Freezing” and people from around the world are voicing, so to speak, their disgust at global warming. Why? Because it is freezing where they are at when it is suppose to be warm now.

Hootsuite is great because you can get a free account and type in your keyword or keyword phrase and add it to your group and instantly people from around the world who are typing in your keyword are popping up with their opinions or comment on the keyword.

I have a global freezing group and keyword phrase that shows comments from around the world on how freezing it is where they are at. You can then tweet a message out on Hootsuite and have it linked to your Facebook and Twitter page. Pretty neat.

They also get very expressive and mad at the ridiculousness of global warming well they are freezing their buns off.

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