Weather Channel Predicts El Nino Cold

El Nino

The Weather Channel has forecasted below normal temperatures in the East and South for the upcoming winter. This surely is not music to the ears of many in the East which had extreme amounts of snow and cold last winter. Other big El Nino years were 1982/1983 and 1997.

There is a consensus among scientists that El Nino will invade the Northern Hemisphere this winter. Dan Collins a research scientists with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center stated:

There is a greater than 95% chance El Nino will last through the wintertime and there is good confidence it will last into the spring.

In California El Nino is more than welcome if it brings more snow or rain. The extended drought has ruined livelihoods but the El Nino may not even reach California. The Sierra Nevada snowpack produced the lowest water content since 1950 of any April 1st.

Northern and Eastern States

Many Northern and Eastern states as well as cities themselves would gladly have given much of their snow away which far exceeded average accumulations. Heavy snow, as in Boston last winter, and little snow as in northern California in of itself does not prove global warming or global cooling. There are extremes of cold and hot temperatures, snow or lack thereof globally.

What does it prove? Weather and temperatures are cyclical since the beginning of time.

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