Winter Storm Remus

Winter Storm Remus came on the heels of Winter Storm Quantum which came on the heels of Winter Storm Pandera which came on the heels of – well, you get the picture. Six straight winter storms with little end in site. States of Emergency were called for even the deep south in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

On I-65 in northern Alabama several people spent the night in their vehicles. The stranded were hit so hard that the National Guard was brought in to help. Thunder snow was reported near Waco, Texas along with dangerous ice and sleet on roads in several cities throughout the south and east. Some Texas and Arkansas snow totals:


  • Domino – 7″
  • Longview – 7″


  • Chidester – 7″
  • Rison – 7″

Little Rock, Arkansas received 47.7 inches of snow from January 1, 2010 to February 25, 2015. In just over five years Little Rock had more snow than their previous twenty year total of 45.6 inches. Other southern totals:


  • Guin – 12.7″
  • Huntsville – 8.2″


  • Ringgold – 9″
  • Oakman – 9″
  • Stephensville – 9″
  • Trenton – 7″
  • Indian Springs – 6.1″


  • Furrs – 10″
  • Tremont – 10″
  • Tupelo – 7.3″


  • Coker Creek – 10″
  • Red Bank – 8″
  • Signal Mountain – 8″
  • Chattanooga – 7″

Sections of East Tennessee had up to 9 inches of snow. A man was killed when struck by a salt truck in Tennessee. Winter Storm Remus claimed at least seven lives. Even Louisiana reported up to 4 inches of snow in Bossier City. Pine Mountain, South Carolina registered 5.3 inches. More snow:


  • Franklin – 8″
  • Farmville – 8″

Some other areas of Virginia had 9 inches of snow. Vienna, Maryland had 7 inches of snow. North Carolina had some quarter of a million households and businesses without power. Black ice, power lines down, snow and cold had a devastating effect on much of the southern and eastern U.S.A. from Remus.

Millions wish global warming were true. How about Global Freezing?

Records abound in this cold, snowy winter with Providence, Rhode Island setting a February record of 31.8 inches of snow. And then there is Boston, Chicago and Detroit with earth shattering winter season records. The rest of the story will continue.


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