Winter Storm Sparta

March 2015 has started with more snow, ice and cold from Winter Storm Sparta. The National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather advisory for March 1st through March 3rd.

On March 1st an amazing 48 states had snow on the ground including Alaska and Hawaii. North Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri and several other states reported treacherous road conditions with ice causing a slew of accidents. Many injuries and deaths are still resulting in the constant onslaught of this hazardous winter weather.

A large pileup of vehicles on I-44 in Missouri caused a major road closure and a tracter trailer overturned in Phelps County carrying hazardous materials. Winter Storm Sparta is being blamed for at least 7 deaths with multiple deaths reported in Missouri and Pennsylvania.

More record cold temperatures are being set in March with Poughkeepsie, New York feeling a freezing 1 degree on March 1st.

Inclement weather caused almost 500 flights to be canceled out of DFW International Airport. Over 4500 people were reported to be stranded with most sleeping at the airport hoping for renewed flights. Over 8,000 flights were either canceled or delayed nationwide. The widespread global freezing effect of Sparta covered approximately 2,000 miles.

Some snow totals from Winter Storm Sparta:


  • Odell – 4″


  • Ogden – 9.7″
  • Springfield – 8.1″


  • Middletown – 8.5″
  • Indianapolis – 7.8″

New Mexico

  • Wagon Mound – 12″
  • Albuquerque – 9.6″
  • Pecos – 6″


  • Skiatook – 8″


  • St. Marys – 8″
  • Dayton – 4.9″


  • Sarver – 5.3″
  • New Castle – 4″

Tell global warming that approximately 63% of the United States had snow cover on March 1st. Also tell climate change that Winter Storm Sparta added 2.1 inches of snow to Boston. This brings Boston’s snow total to over 104 inches as of March 2nd meaning the city only needs about 3.5 inches to top its all-time record of 107.6 inches.

Boston could break the record this week with more snow on the way and winter storms. Yes, plural stormS.

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