Winter Storm Thor Warning

Winter Storm Thor is in full force coming on the heels of Winter Storm Sparta. Thor is longer lasting than Sparta and most other winter storms. From California to Maine states are being hit with more snow, rain, ice and sleet. California was more welcome to the storm because of draught conditions.

Winter Storm Warnings

Winter Storm Warnings, Winter Storm Watches and Winter Weather Advisors have been issued for states across the country. Ice build-up on roads, power lines, and airplanes are creating dangerous conditions and are expected to increase. The reason for the increase is Thor is bringing tons of rain, sleet and snow with dropping temperatures turning many roads to ice. Dense fog is adding to the already hazardous weather.

A small airplane crashed in Norfolk, Virginia leaving at least two dead. Dense fog was said to be the cause of the tragedy. Significant amounts of ice expected in several north, midwest, eastern and southern states including Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

This post is a WARNING about the widespread effects of Winter Storm Thor. Please take heed and be safe. Many record breaking cold temperatures will accompany this storm

Weather facts from Winter Storm Thor coming soon.

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