Winter Storm Xenia Sends Climate Change Packing

Winter Storm Xenia

The last winter storm of March delivered some of the most snow of the season for some cities. Xenia was another widespread storm especially when you consider it is officially spring. On March 31st there was whiteout conditions on Interstate 29 which was closed from Brooking, South Dakota to the Canadian border. Also, Interstate 94 was closed from Bismarck to Fargo, North Dakota.

Wind Gusts and Snow Drifts

Up to 64 mph wind gusts were reported in Rapid City, South Dakota. Many snow drifts were reported with Minnesota and South Dakota having some of the largest from four to six feet high.

Snow Totals

Amazing snow total accumulations for this time of year occured in several cities as listed:

  • Grafton, North Dakota – 20″
  • Thief River Falls, Minnesota – 18″
  • Centennial, Wyoming – 15″
  • Carlyle, Montana – 12″
  • St. Phillip, Montana – 12″
  • Grand Forks, North Dakota – 11.5″
  • Sisseton, South Dakota – 10″
  • Bismarck, North Dakota – 8.1″
  • Pierre, South Dakota – 6″
  • Arthur, Nebraska – 5″

WInter Storm Xenia also brought freezing, snowy conditions to several other states proving again that climate change happens naturally. Does global warming bring blizzard like conditions where visibility is so bad that roads have to be closed?

The Forgotten Winter Storm

Why did the Weather Channel not name a winter storm that preceded Winter Storm Xenia? Global Freezing will cover this topic on the next post.

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